Get to know us

The AVAH Outreach Group is an all Volunteer Victim Outreach Group that provides certified assistance to Victims of Scams. We provide FREE Victim Advocacy to any victim of a Scam. Our Victim Advocates are NACP Certified in Trauma, Scams, and Identity theft. We call victims of scams and educate them on how to safeguard their personal info, prevent and remove scammers access to all devices and provide education on how to recognize a Scam. Our Focus is on the interruption of live scams, reporting fraudulent bank accounts, and Victim Advocacy. We report to Law Enforcement, FBI, Adult Protective Services, Victim’s Families, and various other institutions to help protect the vulnerable. We ask for Nothing in return but to Share the information provided to help raise Awareness.

the avah outreach group logo
the avah outreach group logo

Our mission

"At AVAH Outreach Group, our mission is to empower and support victims of online scams while tirelessly working to dismantle the infrastructure of cybercrime. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance, education, and resources to those affected by online scams, helping them reclaim their financial security and peace of mind. Through advocacy, awareness campaigns, and collaboration with law enforcement agencies and tech communities, we strive to disrupt and prevent fraudulent activities, ultimately creating a safer and more secure digital landscape for all."

Our vision

"Our vision at AVAH Outreach Group is a future where every individual can navigate the digital world with confidence and security, free from the threat of online scams. We envision a world where it is impossible for scammers to exploit vulnerable individuals through fraudulent schemes. Through our relentless efforts in education, advocacy, and technological innovation, we aim to create a digital ecosystem where trust, transparency, and integrity prevail. We aspire to be at the forefront of pioneering solutions that render online scams obsolete, ensuring a safer and more resilient cyber landscape for generations to come."

Our Founder

Our strength lies in our individuality. The team strives to bring in the best talent in various fields, from scambaiters to law enforcement and IT Professionals.

Cagney Phillips

Founder /Victim Advocate